Quilt Block


the picture above is an example of a camera shutter quilt block.

My Favorite Retail Stores

GAPclothing & accessorieseveryday attirethe clothes never go out of style and everything is super classy
Anthropologieclothing,cosmetics and footwearclassy yet chilleverything has a chill vibe, yet very sophistcated at the same time
Last Chanceclothing, appliances, footwear..you name it!active, chill, classythere are great deals on awesome stuff
Nordstromclothing, footweareveryday attirethe store is a little more spendy but it lasts a life time
Zaraclothingeveryday attireIt's an international store but most of the stuff is pretty trendy and cute
Forever21Men and Women clothingeveryday attireIt's affordable, cute and comfy
Volcomskate,swim and winter sport attireeveryday attirethe styles are a little different but way fun
LuLu Lemonactive attireeveryday attireeverything I own from the store is insanely comfortable and totally worth spending a little more money on
Brandy Melvilleclothing & accessorieseveryday attirethe designers really know how to bring back old styles and mix them with new, while also maintaining a comfy and cute look
Downeast BasicsModest Clothingeverday attireEverytime I buy something from the store, I feel happy with what I've purchased.

Just some information on my favorite retail stores